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、Instruction of tapetool

1、Pick up staples and tying band and load them before you used it, and push up the knob of the pusher unit with right hand, and pull it out backwards.

2、Hold the hand gentle ,pull out the tying band when the clipped it.

3、clip the branch outside to inside, hold tapetool gravitational, confirm the staples are penetrate band and staple together and check the tying band haven’t be cut off.

、Main character:

1、Labour saving .It can bind 3-4 times more plant than by hand in a unit time.

2、Time saving: it cost less time, so when farmers busy with the planting, we can have more time to do the other things like sprinkle, and we can also increase the plant area because of it’s high efficiency.

3、Binding machine is only 0.5kg,very convenient to take.

4、Cos recovery very fast, one binding machine can save 3 labour, if 1 labour cost 30-40 RMB/day, so one day ,you can almost cover the cost back.

三、Remedy of the trouble and maintenance method of the tapetool

1、If the tying hand machine of the blade is not able to cut the belt , pls use a long flat nose plier to pull out the used blade ,and change a new one .

2、when the tying hand machine of stitching needle is blocked , you can use nipper or small screw driver to get it out . (if 1 section break into 2 section,we also can use one by one section avoid be blocked).

3、Add lubricant oil to every joint after tying hand machine are long time using.

四、Attention for tapetool

When you used the tape tool,there's something we should attention.

1、Be sure to use the specified tape.
Never apply your fingers to near the front end of the magazine unit because it has the serrated and staple ejection port nearby.

2、How to open tape holder
If you want to put the tape in the tape tool,first you should put your finger on up part,then open the cover with the thumb pressing up part.

3、New attention about tape tool

In the past time,we always use hand to fix the plant with the grape、tomato、cucumber and so on,also with the low efficiency and high labour intensity.
Now we have the new hand tool named tape tool,it can easy fix the plant with high efficiency and low labour.

The tool is used with one hand and after 3 easy steps the plant is secure :

1. The operator lightly depresses the handle to pick up the tape.

2. The tool is pushed over the plant and stake/wire, enclosing them in a loop of tape.

3. The handle is then depressed to engage the staple and cut the tape in 1 action, leaving a secure loop.
The sujineng tapetool is now ready for the next tying action, it couldn't be simpler and better!