Original Samsung battery from Korea: safe, stable and have a long battery endurance.
The life can be 5 years, the weight is only 1.4kgs but contains 158.4wh power.
The intelligent battery management system to provide protection for the entire power system. giving 3-years long warranty.
Selecting the world's top electric car solution: multi-section 18650 lithium parallel, the capacity of each lithium battery can reach up to 2200mAh, density is 5 times more than lead-acid battery. At the same time every single batteries individually furnished with PTC which can provide current and temperature coverage for each battery. As usual such sophisticated scheme is used only in top-level electric Car, now it is brought by DJ-045 to your side for the first time .
3-years’warranty for battery
2-years' warranty for shear
  lifetime warranty for Motor


*The warranty extension applies to all of the DJ-045 parts , including the motor, gear set, aluminium body, electronics, battery and charger.
*Excluding parts subject to normal wear and tear,including the blade.

*we will offer 3-years' warranty for battery when have the situation as below: abnormal voltage occurs,it can not be charged, the capacity is less than 60%,etc.

*Consult your dealer about the Annual Maintenance Service program prices and conditions.